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UA Association for Computing Machinery

The #1 Student Org for CS Students

UA Association for Computing Machinery|

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The #1 Student Org. for CS Students


We're a professional organization focused on making the experience of being a CS student at UA awesome. We host biweekly meetings that feature guest speakers from companies around the country, as well as have presentations from professors and students about the latest technologies.

students in a classroom smiling

What We Do

Company Talks

We invite companies to share their mission and expertise. Topics can range from recruitment-style overviews to language-specific talks to demos of products.

Every other Tuesday at 5:15pm


Company and student led workshops that help you in your classes, projects, and career. Talks are aimed both at new and experienced programmers.

Every Tuesday between Company Talks at 5:15pm

Web Team

A series of workshops gets you confortable creating front-end and back-end for a web app; we then work on interesting web projects (like building a new elections system!).

Every Monday at 6:30pm

Study Groups

We plan study group times before exam dates, and upperclassmen volunteer help advise underclassmen.

Planned Ad-Hoc

Competitive Programming

A team that practices solving coding challenges on sites like HackerRank, and then dukes it out in online competitions.

Every Thursday at 6:30pm


CS students- outdoors! We have a tent and a space on the quad to hang out and enjoy fresh air.

Check calendar for planned dates

Social Events

We put on events for fun like CS Jeopardy and Mario Kart tournaments; bringing food is always acceptable.

Check calendar for planned dates

Local Hack Day

An awesome annual 12-hour hackathon that provides a good entry point for newcomers, and a time challenge for veterans. Check out our recap video from last year!

December 1

Hackathon Travel Team

We're trying to get UA in the top 100 on the MLH leaderboard. We're planning on going to at least 2 hackathons during the semester.

Check calendar for meeting dates


Our regular meetings are in SERC 1059

Fall 2018 Company Lineup

Sep 6

boeing logo

Sep 18

international paper logo
International Paper

Sep 23

84 51 logo
84.51 Workshop

Oct 2

pariveda logo
Pariveda Solutions

Oct 16

lockheed martin logo
Lockheed Martin

Oct 30

cgi logo

Nov 13

A T and T logo

Nov 20


Local Hack Day 2017

Check out Devpost to see the winning projects!



David McCoy

Vice Chair

Erika Pope


Ethan Mines


Alex Luong