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What We Do

Company Talks

We invite companies to share their mission and expertise. Topics can range from recruitment-style overviews to language-specific talks to demos of products.

Tuesdays (biweekly) at 5:15pm


Company and student led workshops that help you in your classes, projects, and career. Talks are aimed both at new and experienced programmers.

Tuesdays (between company talks) at 5:15pm

Web Team

A series of workshops gets you confortable creating front-end and back-end for a web app; we then work on interesting web projects (like building a new elections system!).

Mondays at 6:30pm

Study Groups

We plan study group times before exam dates, and upperclassmen volunteer help advise underclassmen.


Competitive Programming

A team that practices solving coding challenges on sites like HackerRank, and then dukes it out in online competitions.

Thursdays at 6:30pm


CS students- outdoors! We have a tent and a space on the quad to hang out and enjoy fresh air.

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Social Events

We put on events for fun like CS Jeopardy and Mario Kart tournaments; bringing food is always acceptable.

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Local Hack Day

An awesome annual 12-hour hackathon that provides a good entry point for newcomers, and a time challenge for veterans. Check out our recap video from last year!

December 1

Hackathon Travel Team

We're trying to get UA in the top 100 on the MLH leaderboard. We're planning on going to at least 2 hackathons during the semester.

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Fall 2018 Company Lineup

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